Much like a SPA, it’s possible for your WHIRLPOOL or JETTED TUB to experience problems once in awhile. Pumps and motors can burn out, air switches and buttons can get clogged, and in luxury jetted tub models, the heating element can burn out.

AAA Spa & Bath of Marietta is here to help! If your whirlpool or jetted tub is not working properly, give us a call TODAY at (678) 581-5010 to schedule your appointment.

AAA Spa & Bath of Marietta is your JETTED TUB EXPERT!

“System Flush Special” Only $275

If your whirlpool or jetted bathtub has been sitting unused or is several years old, we highly recommend this service. The plumbing in a jetted bathtub can hold water even after the tub has been drained. This water typically sits for long periods of time. Because this water is not treated with any chemicals and has no circulation, bacteria can grow. When you use the tub, this bacteria is sent into the water that you are sitting in. You do not use chemicals in a bathtub, so a chemical treatment can be of great benefit.

This service is designed to get rid of the build up and/or bacteria so that you can feel good about relaxing in your jetted bathtub. This service will require two different trips, scheduled 24-48 hours apart. We will come out, fill the tub with hot water, add the product that cleans the pipes, and run the system for 20 minutes. We will have to leave the tub full of water so that the product can work its magic until we return. Our second trip will consist of draining the tub, sucking out the lines, and cleaning the tub for you.

It is recommended to clean the pipes of your jetted bathtub once a year, if you use it.

Call today to get your jetted bathtub ready for relaxation!

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AAA Pool & Spa is also your Whirlpool Tub Repair and Jetted Tub Repair specialist. Give us a call today!

* All other areas will have an additional travel charge depending on location.

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